[libnice] Not able to play the video on client side by using libnice+gstreamer

Olivier CrĂȘte olivier.crete at collabora.com
Thu Nov 20 07:30:34 PST 2014


You want to send the videos encoded and decode on the client. You also
want to payload them in RTP before sending using libnice (which is just
sending UDP packets in the end).


On 11/20/2014 05:23 AM, jags gediya wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to stream the video/audio over the internet by using the
> libnice and gstreamer. I am able to get the packets on the client side
> but not able to play that.
> I am streaming from IP camera to the client.
> IP Camera URL: rtsp://
> Server side implementation:
> rtspsrc->decodebin->ffenc_
> mpeg4->nicesink
> Client-side implimentation:
> nicesrc->decodebin->ffmpegcolorspace->autovideosink
> I am getting the packets on the nicesrc(prints in the receive
> callback) on the client side. but above
> client side pipeline it not working.
> I have made c code for above two pipelines. I have takes reference
> from working command line pipelines through udpsink and udpsrc. I have
> replaced nicesink and nicesrc with udpsink and udpsrc.
> I am a newbie to libnice and gstreamer and dont know if i am doing
> something wrong.
> Thanks,
> Jags
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