[libnice] Any discussion on API to be able to supply ICE credentials (webrtc related)

Rohan Garg rohan16garg at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 03:24:10 PDT 2015


> Thanks. I’ve fixed several issues (such as the new API not being in
> libnice.sym or libnice.def) and pushed to master.

Oh, I had no clue about those files, thanks!

>> Note that if you were using my branch, I've force pushed my changes on
>> top, so you'll have to delete your local branch and checkout again.
> Note that means (as far as I’m aware), that my original review comments
> have been deleted, which makes re-review of the patch trickier.

Oh :(

I'll check if I have a email from github somewhere which has those
comments later on.

Rohan Garg

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