[libnice] STUN request timeouts?

Miguel París Díaz mparisdiaz at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 07:22:33 PST 2015

I am using libnice 0.1.7 into an environment where STUN requests are
answered in 6 seconds (approximately).
This cause that "gathering-done" signal is launched before the srflx
candidates are gathered or if I set "upnp-timeout" property [1] to 15000
mseconds the STUN packets are pushed to the user-data callback and the
candidates are not detected.

>From this observations, are there some hard timeouts into libnice for STUN
In this case, how can I solve my problem? The timeouts should be
configurable, or something like that?

Thanks in advance!!


Miguel París Díaz
Computer/Software engineer.
Researcher and architect in http://www.kurento.org
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