[libnice] Dropping old remote candidates without stream/agent restart

Ilya Konstantinov ilya.konstantinov at gmail.com
Sat May 2 18:34:49 PDT 2015


Is it possible to reset the remote candidates only? In my
scenario, I'm suspecting the remote offer might've changed, e.g.:
​- ​
remote host roamed to a different network
​- ​
remote app restarted (auth and ports changed)

In such case, let’s assume
​my app​
 can refresh
 remote candidates by querying the signalling server
​ for them.​

How can I make libnice consider
​Naïvely using nice_agent_set_remote_candidates just appends them, and if
the previous ones are deemed good enough, the new ones won't be considered.
Ideally I'd like to drop the old remote candidates entirely (unless they
repeat in the new set of remote candidates).

There’s nice_agent_restart and nice_agent_stream_restart, but both of them
also reset the local candidates and auth, which isn’t my goal at all.

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