[libnice] Removing a component from a stream

Olivier CrĂȘte olivier.crete at collabora.com
Thu Oct 8 17:32:15 PDT 2015


There is no such method right now. The design is that you just don't set any remote candidates for a component that you want to ignore. 



On October 8, 2015 12:03:00 PM GMT+01:00, Lorenzo Miniero <lminiero at gmail.com> wrote:
>following the debugging efforts that have been devoted to this issue:
>it turned out we'd need a way to remove a component from an existing
>in libnice. In fact, while there is a method to remove a stream, there
>doesn't seem to be any way to remove a single component.
>The rationale from this, as explained in the last post of the issue
>is that with WebRTC you may end up converging on a bundle/rtcp-mux
>for the media and control packets. Specifically, when offering you
>allocate a stream per media, and two components (RTP/RTCP) per stream.
>bundle is negotiated, you can get rid of all the streams except the
>one (all packets will be bundled over the same "connection"), while
>rtcp-mux is negotiated you know you won't need the RTCP component
>(RTP and RTCP will be sent over the same connection too).
>Is there any method I missed in the documentation, or is a way to
>components indeed missing in libnice as of now?
>Thanks, looking forward to any kind of feedback you can provide!
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