[libnice] ICE Trickle support in libnice

Anand Sivaram aspnair at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 13:52:44 UTC 2016


As WebRTC is using Trickle ICE, I am curious to know how libnice is
supporting it.  I searched libnice code and could not find any information
about trickle support.  After searching the web I found Lorenzo's question
and Oliver's answer.

But, from this answer I feel that it is to support when remote party is
sending trickle candidates.

Is there any way by which libnice could generate trickle candidates?
>From what I understand candidate-gathering-done signal is emitted after the
completion of all candidate gatherings.  There is no signal emitted as and
when each candidate is ready.

Any plan of supporting it?

Thanks and Regards

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