[libnice] Support for updating to newest version of libnice

Chad Phillips chad at apartmentlines.com
Wed Aug 31 19:00:27 UTC 2016

I’m using this framework which leverages libnice:

Their implementation was written for libnice 0.1.4, and hasn’t been updated
since. When I tried to use libnice 0.1.13 instead, I ran into problems
where open TCP file descriptors piled up, resulting in random crashes.

Debugging further, I found that I could use up to version 0.1.7 without the
TCP FD problem, which leads me to suspect that the Licode implementation
doesn’t play well with the psuedotcp support added in version 0.1.8

My two questions are:

1. Is there some simple adjustment I can make to remedy the problem when
using the newest libnice release?

2. Failing #1, is anybody interested in a contract job to help fix the


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