[libnice] Fwd: Controlled agent will be not ready when it is behind a NAT in our latest master branch

hui yu huiyupet2002 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 03:28:32 UTC 2017


When the controlled agent is in a private network behind a NAT and the
controlling agent is in a public network:

I try to use the threaded-example.c to do a test, but I got a failed result:

   Only the controlling agent got a ready state and the controlled agent could
not get ready state.

1.      Gathering candidates:

Controlled agent gathered: left_local_address and left_server_reflex_address

Controlling agent gathered: right_local_address

2.      Connectivity checks and Negotiation:

1)     Controlling agent

11) make a nominated pair: [right_local_address,

22) send a stun request;

33) get a stun successful response;

44) Negotiation complete;

2)     Controlled agent:

11) Receive a stun request from controlling agent;

22) Send a stun response to controlling agent;

33) According to a stun request from controlling agent and get a nominated
pair: [left_local_address, right_local_address];

44) Send a stun request with this nominated pair to controlling agent.

55) Receive a stun response from controlling agent and get a mapped address
and make a new discovery pair [left_server_reflex_address,

66) The new discover pair is a valid pair, but it cannot become a nominated
pair in current master code.

77) Negotiation failed.

I look up the source code and find maybe there is two mistakes in the code,
I think if the nominated value in the new discovery pair can inherit from
the parent pairt.

The fix code is in red with yellow background.


static CandidateCheckPair *priv_add_peer_reflexive_pair (NiceAgent *agent,
guint stream_id, NiceComponent *component, NiceCandidate *local_cand,
CandidateCheckPair *parent_pair)


  CandidateCheckPair *pair = g_slice_new0 (CandidateCheckPair);

  NiceStream *stream = agent_find_stream (agent, stream_id);

  pair->agent = agent;

  pair->stream_id = stream_id;

  pair->component_id = component->id;;

  pair->local = local_cand;

  pair->remote = parent_pair->remote;

  pair->sockptr = local_cand->sockptr;

  pair->state = NICE_CHECK_DISCOVERED;

  nice_debug ("Agent %p : new pair %p state DISCOVERED", agent, pair);


      gchar tmpbuf1[INET6_ADDRSTRLEN];

      gchar tmpbuf2[INET6_ADDRSTRLEN];

      nice_address_to_string (&pair->local->addr, tmpbuf1);

      nice_address_to_string (&pair->remote->addr, tmpbuf2);

      nice_debug ("Agent %p : new pair %p : [%s]:%u --> [%s]:%u", agent,

          tmpbuf1, nice_address_get_port (&pair->local->addr),

          tmpbuf2, nice_address_get_port (&pair->remote->addr));


  g_snprintf (pair->foundation, NICE_CANDIDATE_PAIR_MAX_FOUNDATION, "%s:%s",

      local_cand->foundation, parent_pair->remote->foundation);

  if (agent->controlling_mode == TRUE)

    pair->priority = nice_candidate_pair_priority (pair->local->priority,



    pair->priority = nice_candidate_pair_priority (pair->remote->priority,


  pair->nominated = FALSE;  -------------à pair->nominated = parent_pai->

  pair->prflx_priority = ensure_unique_priority (component,

      peer_reflexive_candidate_priority (agent, local_cand));

  nice_debug ("Agent %p : added a new peer-discovered pair with foundation
of '%s'.",  agent, pair->foundation);

  stream->conncheck_list = g_slist_insert_sorted (stream->conncheck_list,


  return pair;


static CandidateCheckPair *priv_process_response_check_for_reflexive(NiceAgent
*agent, NiceStream *stream, NiceComponent *component, CandidateCheckPair
*p, NiceSocket *sockptr, struct sockaddr *mapped_sockaddr, NiceCandidate
*local_candidate, NiceCandidate *remote_candidate)


  CandidateCheckPair *new_pair = NULL;

  NiceAddress mapped;

  GSList *i, *j;

  NiceCandidate *local_cand = NULL;

  nice_address_set_from_sockaddr (&mapped, mapped_sockaddr);

  for (j = component->local_candidates; j; j = j->next) {

    NiceCandidate *cand = j->data;

    if (nice_address_equal (&mapped, &cand->addr)) {

      local_cand = cand;

      /* We always need to select the peer-reflexive Candidate Pair in the

       * of a TCP-ACTIVE local candidate, so we find it even if an incoming

       * check matched an existing pair because it could be the original

       * ACTIVE-PASSIVE candidate pair which was retriggered */

      for (i = stream->conncheck_list; i; i = i->next) {

        CandidateCheckPair *pair = i->data;

        if (pair->local == cand && remote_candidate == pair->remote) {

          new_pair = pair;







  if (new_pair) {


new_pair-> nominated  = p-> nominated;

    nice_debug ("Agent %p : conncheck %p SUCCEEDED.", agent, p);

    priv_conn_check_unfreeze_related (agent, stream, p);

    nice_component_add_valid_candidate (component, remote_candidate);


  else {

    if (!local_cand) {

      if (!agent->force_relay)

        local_cand = discovery_add_peer_reflexive_candidate (agent,







      p->state = NICE_CHECK_FAILED;

      nice_debug ("Agent %p : pair %p state FAILED", agent, p);


    /* step: add a new discovered pair (see RFC 5245

                      "Constructing a Valid Pair") */

    if (local_cand)

      new_pair = priv_add_peer_reflexive_pair (agent, stream->id, component,

          local_cand, p);

    nice_debug ("Agent %p : conncheck %p FAILED, %p DISCOVERED.", agent, p,


  /* note: this is same as "adding to VALID LIST" in the spec

     text */

  if (new_pair) {

    new_pair->valid = TRUE;

    nice_component_add_valid_candidate (component, remote_candidate);


  return new_pair;



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