[libnice] Invalid candidate foundation string?

Juan Navarro juan.navarro at gmx.es
Mon Jun 19 16:57:23 UTC 2017


my application has been rejecting some candidates received from the 
NiceAgent's signal "new-selected-pair-full", based on a regular 
expression we use to validate them. It turns out that the remote 
candidate has a foundation name such as "remote-1", and it seems that 
the hyphen ("-") is not allowed in a candidate name, according to the 

More specific details:
* discovery.c uses the template "remote-%u" to generate foundation names 
for ICE candidates.
* RFC 5245 section 15.1 defines "foundation" as a string composed of 
ALPHA, DIGIT, '+' or '/' characters (but specifically, no '-' character).
* RFC 5234 appendix B.1 defines ALPHA to be the usual ASCII letters 
([A-Za-z]) and DIGIT to be the ASCII digits ([0-9]).

I haven't been able to find any update to these RFCs where the character 
'-' is added to the list of accepted characters.

Can this be considered a bug of libnice? In other case please point me 
to some resource which explains this.


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