[Nouveau] [Bug 66176] nouveau.perflvl kernel parameter doesn't work

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> I am willing to give you a hand in the development and/or testing, if needed.
Glad to hear, there are a few notes further down that you can start with

> I know for a fact that re-clocking is possible on this card - I do that
> (quite regularly) on Windows and if I remember correctly I've also done this
> "manually" using the pathscale tools.
Afaik Windows is another kettle of fish, although if it worked previously
that's a good starting point

On the other from you can work from the current state and nitpick until it

* The fanspeed set fails as the mode is not NOUVEAU_THERM_CTRL_MANUAL
Annoying but not crucial for the re-clocking to complete. Note I'm not entirely
sure where it should be set

* pclk->pll_calc seems to return 0, causing nv40_calc_pll() to throw ERANGE
* Some of the functions called within nouveau_mem_timing_calc() may need
tweaking depending on now well we generate the appropriate memory timings

Happy hacking :)

Only one zero is required to change the perflvl - "0" rather than "0,0"

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