[Nouveau] [Bug 66176] nouveau.perflvl kernel parameter doesn't work

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> * The fanspeed set fails as the mode is not NOUVEAU_THERM_CTRL_MANUAL
> Annoying but not crucial for the re-clocking to complete. Note I'm not
> entirely sure where it should be set
So, the logical solution to this particular problem would be for that mode to
be *forced* to MANUAL, regardless of its previous state (which I suspect is
NONE) and then try and set the fan speed.

> * pclk->pll_calc seems to return 0, causing nv40_calc_pll() to throw ERANGE
> * Some of the functions called within nouveau_mem_timing_calc() may need
> tweaking depending on now well we generate the appropriate memory timings
You've lost me! I am no expert in Nouveau development, although I am a
(willing) developer, so you need to explain the above a little bit.

> P.S.
> Only one zero is required to change the perflvl - "0" rather than "0,0"
Well, by looking at the code, the performance level consists of 2 parts - AC
(power) and DC (battery) separated by a comma (","), so I used "0,0" for the
sake of completeness.

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