[Nouveau] [Bug 66177] pwm1 value not restored during hibernate/restore cycle in the event of manual fan management mode

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--- Comment #7 from Mr-4 <mr.dash.four at googlemail.com> ---
Sorry, one other thing I forgot to mention, which should be pretty obvious,
given what I reported so far:

The "auto" fan management seems to work as expected when I do *not* use it
after hibernate/restore.

In other words, when I boot up my machine (which, by default, has fan
management disabled) and then select "auto" fan management with "echo 2 >
../pwm1_enable", then things are OK - the fan duty (pwm1) constantly hovers
between 20 and 28, depending on my card temperature, keeping that temperature
under control. No problems there.

Things are then *really* screwed up when I do hibernate/restore as reported
previously. So, I suspect the hibernate/restore does something to the nouveau
driver which prevents the auto mode from working properly.

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