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valeria aguilera aire.lav at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 16 12:03:40 PST 2014

Dear community members,

Im a graphic designer and for the last couple of months I have been working on a new logo for the Nouveau project. After sending preliminary designs to both Martin Peres and Ilia Mirkin, we have decided to share the logo in order to gather your feedback. 

I would like to highlight that the logo incorporates a penguin corresponding to the linux kernel components used to create this open source driver. The 3D cube/shape represents the 2D and 3D acceleration capability. The ā€œnā€ simply stands for the first letter in Nouveau and the green colour was chosen because the driver is for NVIDIA video cards.

Please provide Martin and Ilia with your comments and preferences, since they both have been the ones giving me the design requirements. 
Valeria Aguilera. 		 	   		  
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