[Nouveau] [Bug 27501] MacBook Pro 5, x unable to boot [NV96 + NVAC]

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--- Comment #38 from Pierre Moreau <pierre.morrow at free.fr> ---
(In reply to comment #37)
> Hi Pierre,
> Both patches seems to work (tested 1x on 3.17.rc6). 
> Xorg-x11 starts with fluxbox, messages show that 9600 is unacclerated and
> 9400 is acclerated. There is are two errors in your patch "option for
> disabling accleration for given chipset":
> * The entries DRM_DEBUG_DRIVER are not available on 3.17.rc6, but it works
> either way.
> * In the kernel < 3.17 it should be "if (nouveau_noaccel ||
> !nouveau_fifo(device) /*XXX*/)" not only "if (nouveau_noaccel)"
> Terminating xorg-x11 crashed, probably because I switched off discrete
> graphichs adapter after starting xorg. Someone else should check.
> Further testing is in queue.
> The previous patch you have sent: It solved a problem I had in the past:
> System kernel panics if the lid is closed during startup!
> Thanks.
> Do you think that acceleration for 9600M will be possible sometime?
> BR.
> (In reply to comment #36)
> > This is the minimalistic version of the previous patch.

Hi Joanand,

I based my patches on the linux-3.18 branch of Nouveau's repo, which is more
up-to-date than 3.17-rc6: this explains the "if (nouveau_noaccel)" at least.

Great for the kernel panic! I noticed that using the patches, screen resumes
correctly when resuming the computer, rather than staying completely black.

Well, I'll work 9600M Gt acceleration, but I can't say if I'll succeed, nor
when. ;)

Best regards

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