[Nouveau] [Bug 27501] MacBook Pro 5, x unable to boot [NV96 + NVAC]

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--- Comment #39 from thomas <gurutonic at gmail.com> ---

I have tested your patch with the 9400M in my macbookpro 5,2. The card boots
correctly with acceleration enabled, and loads GDM. GDM looks completely
correct, but hangs on login with a cursor on a grey screen. It's possible that
LXDE, KDE, or some other DE might work, but gnome-shell never loads. I will try
slim/lxde when I get a chance.

At this point I can switch back to VT where I notice some nouveau errors in
dmesg. Killing GDM (and x11 with it) produces a kernel panic.

Next I booted with the 9600GT with acceleration disabled. The display looks
correct with efifb, but loading nouveau scrambles the VT.

Thank you for your efforts!

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