[Nouveau] FERMI clocking status and help

Brock York twunknown at gmail.com
Sat Sep 23 02:32:40 UTC 2017


I recently retired my old desktop which has a Nvidia Geforce 480 GTX in
I'm now hoping to use it as a development box for Nouveau.

I have no experience with Nouveau development but am hoping to
try and work on clocking support for the 480 and am wondering how to

I have watched a few videos in particular the XDC2014 Project ReClock
by Roy Spliet.

Where is the current FERMI clocking code? My base kernel just gives me
failed to write when I echo to /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/pstate. I've
downloaded the nouveau linux tree from skeggsb/nouveau and built the
4.14 kernel branch and I still get a write error saying function not
implemented. Is there no clocking support at all for FERMI cards?

I'd like to try and help with supporting FERMI cards but not sure on
how to begin. Any pointers or help is much appreciated.

Thank you
Regards Brock.

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