[Ocs] Proposal: content review forms and OCS

Henri Bergius henri.bergius at iki.fi
Mon Jun 27 02:11:31 PDT 2011


As many of you probably know, we're using the OCS content and comments
modules for both Maemo Downloads (http://maemo.org/downloads/Maemo5/)
and MeeGo Community Apps (http://apps-beta.meego.com/applications/).
Some MeeGo images (including the N900 Community Edition) even ship a
OCS-capable "app store client", built on libattica

In the context of an app store we have a new feature need, which is
crowdsourced quality assurance: http://wiki.meego.com/MeeGo_Apps/QA

With Maemo Downloads, community QA was simply a yes/no from reviewers,
so there we used the OCS voting functionality. However, with MeeGo
there will be need for a more structured review form, with both
textual and boolean questions.

For this, I'd like to propose an OCS extension. My current idea looks
like the following:

* Add a namespaced "review form" property to content items. So a
content item looks like the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<ocs xmlns:review="http://example.net/review">
        <content details="full">

* The URL pointed to in the "form" property serves a XForms form (see
http://www.w3schools.com/xforms/xforms_model.asp), in our case
something like:

                <bind nodeset="inapps" type="xsd:boolean"/>
        <submission id="review" action="http://example.net/review/4"

    <input ref="inapps">
        <label>Should this application be in Apps?</label>
    <input ref="comment">
        <label>Review comment</label>
    <submit submission="review">
        <label>Send review</label>


This way a OCS client can work normally with content, but can
*additionally* provide review functionality if that is desired.

Henri Bergius
Motorcycle Adventures and Free Software

Jabber: henri.bergius at gmail.com
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