[Openchrome-devel] openchrome in xorg ?

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Mon Aug 18 16:37:18 PDT 2008

Xavier Bachelot wrote:
> Thomas Hellstr?m wrote:
>> Xavier Bachelot wrote:
>>> Thomas Hellstr?m wrote:
>>>> Yup, I meant any code that doesn't apply to current X.org. I haven't
>>>> looked at this in detail for a while, but some time ago the code was
>>>> full of various defines that made implemenatation of new features
>>>> problematic.
>>>> /Thomas
>>> Here's a patch to remove support for the old XV ABI. The new XV ABI was
>>> introduced with xorg 7.1. Is this ok to apply ?
>>> Anything else to hunt down ?
>>> Regards,
>>> Xavier
>> Hi!
>> Looks OK to me!
> Here's a slightly improved version of the patch.
oops, sorry, I attached the wrong patch. Here's the good one.


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