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BruceChang@via.com.tw BruceChang
Thu Dec 4 16:53:57 PST 2008

Hello Xavier:
    I believe the answer from MPEG LA is much valuable for us.
Unfortunately, I haven't received any response from MPEG LA when I gave
them an example of the relationship of chipset vendor, open source
project, system vendor and the end user. I guess they finally know
what's the problem we have now. Anyway, I'll try to contact with them to
get more information. They are the one who will fight.......

Bruce C. Chang

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Harald Welte wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 03:07:59PM +0100, Xavier Bachelot wrote:
>> Depends on the chance we have to see the docs in a relatively short
>> timeframe. Only VIA can answer this, and they depend on MPEG-LA will
>> collaborate (or not). Maybe Harald can update us on what's going on  
>> currently between VIA and MPEG-LA ?
> Unfortunately there is no visible result yet.  Bruce has been trying 
> to get a response from the MPEG-LA directly, while I've been talking 
> with some differnt lawyers.  I hope I can clarify tomorrow if VIA 
> wants to pay for an independent legal study on this subject.
Any update Harald ?


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