[Openchrome-devel] [Fwd: Detail co-working model discussion]

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Wed Dec 10 06:11:39 PST 2008

Hi all,

Bruce used a slightly wrong address for the mailing list, sending again. 
I'll answer asap, but feel free to beat me to it. I've already asked Tim 
to introduce himself thru the mailing list, he should do it soonish.


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Subject: 	Detail co-working model discussion
Date: 	Wed, 10 Dec 2008 18:55:47 +0800
From: 	<BruceChang at via.com.tw>
To: 	<xavier at bachelot.org>
CC: 	<Openchrome-devel-request at openchrome.org>

Hello Xavier:
     I have 2 issues relative to co-working model with VIA and like to
discuss with our friends
1. Multi-Head support: It's my understanding that some friends in
OpenChrome are developing this function. If VIA join this task, there
might be 3 experts working for this function. Can VIA take care the HW
relative setting such as the parameters due to VIA has some experiments
on some platforms for getting these parameters. Is that OK?

2. In which way VIA develop the code: Should VIA submit code through
mailing list? or a branch for VIA? I would like to request our friend's
comment here. Tim is keeping pushing me for the answer so that he can
start to do something.

Thanks and Best Regards
Bruce C. Chang

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