[Openchrome-devel] Openchrome status

Benno Schulenberg bensberg
Fri Feb 15 12:36:04 PST 2008

[Resending.  The first seemingly never made it.]

Hi all,

Xavier Bachelot wrote:
> - libpciaccess support (Jon)

Out of curiosity: what extra possibilities does libpciaccess 
provide?  Or is it no more than a reworked method for registering a 
device and allocating memory, for newer X servers?

> - HW cursor improvement (Gabriel)

With this you mean the HW cursor stuff that is already in the randr 
branch, Xavier?  Or should that be improved further?

> - Code clean up (Benno)

I'd like to continue with this, but am holding off partly to not 
further disturb the files that Gabriel is probably working on, and 
partly because other things always seem to be more important.

>  From what I gather from the bug reports, mailing list and irc,
> here's a highly subjective list of openchrome's most wanted
> features, in decreasing order :  [...]

To which I'd like to add, in first place:
-  Not to have lockups, crashes, or black screens.

> Similarly, it would be good to merge as much code as possible in
> the trunk to get wider exposure. I mostly think of the randr
> branch, which seems pretty helpful to a a lot of people.

Agreed.  But it would be nice to have the gamma regression fixed 

> I hope better documentation would help with attracting more people
> willing to answer user questions.

Better documentation would hopefully prevent most user questions. :)  
But that's a vain hope -- when openchrome gets distributed more, 
there will be more questions, and especially more silly ones.

> The bug tracker is also not 
> really helpful as new bugs are not posted to the mailing list,

Such posts to the mailing list would be very useful yes.  Can trac 
be made to do that?

> anonymous reports are allowed

Very annoying indeed.

> and we have a huge backlog of 
> unanswered and badly/not triaged bugs.

I would like to attack this, but am reluctant to close bugs, afraid 
to hide useful information from sight.  But if you tell me "do as 
you see fit; if a bug is important, someone will refile it", I'll 
go ahead.



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