[Openchrome-devel] Openchrome status

Benno Schulenberg bensberg
Thu Feb 21 15:03:16 PST 2008

Xavier Bachelot wrote:
> [libpciaccess]  It will be used in the next xorg release and
> is already used in Rawhide (which will become Fedora 9 later) and
> that's why we need it now. It currently works well enough to
> bring X to life, but there are some troubles with Xv and probably
> DRM, etc...

If it works for Rawhide and it is unlikely to break existing 
installations, I think it is good to go into trunk.

> > it would be nice to have the gamma regression fixed first.
> Sure, awaiting Gabriel comments on this.

Gabriel, why is ViaGammaDisable() called during VIARestore()?  Or 
alternaticely, why is it not reenabled later on?

> I began to triage the bugs already. I created some components and
> tried to triage the bugs into them. I have not deleted any bug
> yet and I don't thing it's a good idea until we've make sure no
> valuable information would be lost.

Closing a bug doesn't mean the information disappears, though.  One 
can always also look at the list of closed bugs.  But you are right, 
being unable to ask the original reporter for more info is the 
biggest annoyance.



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