[Openchrome-devel] merge pciaccess to trunk

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Tue Mar 11 03:31:17 PDT 2008

Benno Schulenberg wrote:
> Xavier Bachelot wrote:
>> I've put together a patch that merges the pciaccess branch
>> changes to trunk. Compiled and tested on a non-pciaccess KM400.
> For some conditionals you use  #ifdef XSERVER_LIBPCIACCESS, but for 
> most of them  #if XSERVER_LIBPCIACCESS.  I think all conditionals 
> should be of the first form.  The one #if !XSERVER_LIBPCIACCESS 
> should then be #ifndef XSERVER_LIBPCIACCESS.
ok, I'll fix that.

> In via_driver.h and in via_driver.c (around line 2100) there are 
> blocks of #if/#endif that are indented.  For consistency these #ifs 
> should be placed at the start of the line and not be treated as a 
> level of indentation.
ok, I'll fix that too.

> The line that says "Borked 1" can go; the "ChipRev override" message 
> already shows which path is being taken.
> The "Borked 2" message should be removed too, and replaced with a 
> more informative one two lines earlier, something like "Using 
> libpciaccess".
Not sure about the last two. I think what Jon mean here is that the test 
are borked because they are using the scratch registers and thus 
unreliable, even more in the libpciaccess code path. But indeed, I agree 
the message can be made more informative. Actually, I was about to 
remove them altogether, but then changed my mind as this is likely not 
the best thing to do.

Jon, can you please comment on that ?

Thanks for the review Benno. Did you do any runtime test ?


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