[Openchrome-devel] merge pciaccess to trunk

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Thu Mar 13 13:52:04 PDT 2008

Xavier Bachelot wrote:
> Xavier Bachelot wrote:
>> Jon Nettleton wrote:
>>> On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 2:25 PM, Benno Schulenberg
>>> <bensberg at justemail.net> wrote:
>>>> Xavier Bachelot wrote:
>>>>  > Thanks for the review Benno. Did you do any runtime test ?
>>>>  I hadn't yet, but have now.  No problems on KM400A and with
>>>>  xorg-server 1.3.
>>>>  But the "Borked 2" message does look silly, as nothing is borked.
>>>>  It should say nothing extra at all when libpciacces is not used.
>>> Ha,
>>> Yeah you can remove those messages.  They are just messages I post for
>>> debugging.  I usually don't check in the those local changes.  I guess
>>> I was a bit sloppy.  Sorry guys.
>>> Jon
>> All issues fixed. I also added the memcpy patch.
>> Patch against trunk attached.
> I tested again on my KM400 yesterday, everything is fine. The dri 
> slowness may have been due to the improper mttr setting on the first run 
>   with the driver w/o Gabriel's fix, and it was not corrected on the 
> second run with the fixed driver (no reboot in between, just a X restart).
> PLease ACK or NACK, I plan to commit the patch on Friday night or even 
> earlier if possible.
> Regards,
> Xavier
As the patch has been tested by Gabriel, Benno and I, both in 
libpciaccess mode and non-libpciaccess mode, and we are all happy with 
it, I've just pushed it to trunk.


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