[Openchrome-devel] ttm_branch.

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Wed Oct 29 06:27:18 PDT 2008

Thomas Hellstr?m wrote:
> Hi!
Hi Thomas,

> I'll slowly be pulling our openchrome work into the ttm_branch.
> As you will  notice, some of the cursor work will duplicate the RandR 
> branch work, but
> I'll make sure in the end the latest version will merge in the latest 
> trunk stuff.
randr_branch stuff and thus cursor work was already merged to the trunk 
revision you copied to create the ttm_branch.

> At some point in branch revision history, of course things will stop 
> working as it needs the new drm and a user-space library.
What are the non-openchrome pre-requisites (kernel, drm, xserver, 
etc...) needed to test the ttm_branch ? Is libwsbm already available ?


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