[Openchrome-devel] ttm_branch.

Thomas Hellström thomas
Wed Oct 29 06:48:04 PDT 2008

Xavier Bachelot wrote:
> Thomas Hellstr?m wrote:
>> Hi!
> Hi Thomas,
>> I'll slowly be pulling our openchrome work into the ttm_branch.
>> As you will  notice, some of the cursor work will duplicate the RandR 
>> branch work, but
>> I'll make sure in the end the latest version will merge in the latest 
>> trunk stuff.
> randr_branch stuff and thus cursor work was already merged to the 
> trunk revision you copied to create the ttm_branch.
It looks to me like the randr_branch was merged in r593, whereas the 
ttm_branch is started from trunk at r528 and synced up to r592. Hence 
still missing the RandR work.
>> At some point in branch revision history, of course things will stop 
>> working as it needs the new drm and a user-space library.
> What are the non-openchrome pre-requisites (kernel, drm, xserver, 
> etc...) needed to test the ttm_branch ? Is libwsbm already available ?
Kernel will be at least 2.6.22 I think. Completely new drm (not released 
yet). Xserver with EXA 2.2, libwsbm.
libwsbm is in principle ready-to-go, but we're discussing some interface 
changes to simplify it a little.
libwsbm is basically a buffer manager abstraction that is intended to 
provide buffer management with- or without drm.

So for now, consider the branch a work-in-progress thing that also is 
used to keep track with latest openchrome development, and for reviews 
and comments.

What's missing at this point is the device initialization code and 
command submission code needed for non-drm operation,
and XvMC fixes. Perhaps rename the ochr_ files to via_ considering 
recent events.
> Regards,
> Xavier

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