[Openchrome-devel] Coordinating some changes

Thomas Hellström thomas
Sat Apr 18 13:24:15 PDT 2009

Xavier Bachelot wrote:
> Jon Nettleton wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> There is a lot of rumbling about getting RandR 1.2 support into our
>> driver.  I have a chunk of work done on it, but have been updating my
>> code to reflect VIANamedFunctions formatting.  It was getting too
>> nightmarish to continually having to remember what another function was
>> named and its formatting.
>> I have a volunteer to do a chunk of the grunt work in reformatting
>> everything, but we will need to coordinate active branches and such.
>> Besides the TTM branch does anyone have any other branches that this
>> would lead to breakage on?
>> Once we have some idea of the work that needs to be done, we will fix
>> the stylings, then I can branch and merge my local work for RandR 1.2.
>> Jon
> I think only trunk and the TTM branch are active currently, so I think
> there are 2 ways to get that done, either modify both trunk and TTM
> branch at the same time, or merge the TTM branch to trunk first. The
> former means doing the renaming work twice, the later depends on how
> much work is left to be done on the TTM branch. Also, the TTM branch
> merge means a lot of changes, I think it would be better to get a
> release out first, but then the worst trunk bugs needs to be fixed
> first. An alternate solution would be to do the renaming in trunk only
> then backport to TTM, at the same time as all the other changes.
> Thomas, what do you think ?
> Regards,
> Xavier
Merging the TTM branch with function name changes will probably be a 
nightmare and create a huge number of merge conflicts.

I'm also a bit curious about what's behind the VIANamedFunction formatting?
Both the openChrome coding style (as documented on the wiki) and the 
Xorg coding style calls for


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