[Openchrome-devel] Coordinating some changes

Ivor Hewitt ivor
Sun Apr 19 10:52:01 PDT 2009

Jon Nettleton wrote:
> I don't personally have a preference either.  My main aim was to just
> get us using one standard.  If we can all agree on something we have
> some new developers that have offered their services in doing the grunt
> work of standardizing the code base.  Let's use this opportunity to make
> a decision and get this issued resolved once and for all.
Agreed that change to naming conventions should be a commit independent 
of other changes.

We did discuss the switch to uppercase "VIA" some time ago on the 
mailing list (pretty sure it was mail and not IRC but I may be 
mistaken), the rational was to use the upper case for "VIA" since the 
company name is VIA in uppercase, and the use of uppercase VIA makes it 
apparent that the term isn't being used to mean the english word "via" 
which may be confusing in some cases.

But the exception is just for the word VIA, all other names should 
retain the xorg convention.

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