[Openchrome-devel] Future of via drm and unichrome 3D driver.

Harald Welte HaraldWelte
Tue Jan 6 15:36:04 PST 2009

Dear Thomas,

I think it is amazing how much effort you spend on this project and 
according to your mail you have made great progress.

It is my recommendation to VIA to strongly consider moving to your
codebase, since as you indicate, it is much closer to the drm/mesa
architecture in mainline, plus I can read between the lindes it seems to unify
some of the unichrome/chrome9 duplication in VIA's own codebase right now.

> I'm not sure what's the best way to incorporate this together with VIA's  
> recent changes, but i guess the best suggestion is to create an  
> "openchrome" drm and 3D driver and slowly move the chrome9 stuff over,  
> and obsolete the old via drm driver. I don't think the naming issue is  
> really important ATM, it could be called via2 or whatever.

Why not call it drm_openchrome to indicate it is to be used in combination with
the openchrome userspace driver?

> The code is still "resting" while clearing some copyright issues, but it  
> would be good to hear VIA's opinion before introducing to the dri 
> community.

Well, you now have my preliminary opinione without having seen any of the
code... but my opinion is just a recommendation to VIA.

In any case, it is the closest thing that I have seen with regard to any
progress on having Open Soruce 3D support for chrome9.

- Harald Welte <HaraldWelte at viatech.com>	    http://linux.via.com.tw/
VIA Open Source Liaison

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