[Openchrome-devel] Future of via drm and unichrome 3D driver.

BruceChang@via.com.tw BruceChang
Tue Jan 6 23:53:52 PST 2009

Hello Thomas:
    Please forgive me if my question is too stupid. It's my understanding that OpenChrome doesn't have 3D support now. Is it correct? Are you developing the 3D module for Chrome9? Or you plan to implement the EXA with 3D module?

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Just to clarify,
This is not a chrome9 driver but largely reworked CX700 + older 
unichrome stuff. However, it's a good base for incorporating the new 
chrome9 stuff, since things like chrome9 aperture and initialization 
falls naturally in place and it would be straighforward to add drm 
modesetting and reserve buffers for v4l-type drivers.

If this doesn't change your opinion, I'll suggest creating an 
openchrome- drm and 3D module with the aim to move chrome9 drm stuff 
over from VIA's patches.


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