[Openchrome-devel] openchrome disable VQ bug

Bartosz Kosiorek gang65
Thu Jan 15 00:43:48 PST 2009

I found bug in "via_accel.c" file and "viaDisableVQ" function.
Disable of the VQ for chipset VIA_P4M890 and VIA_VX800 should be done
in another way.
I add patch to the attachment.
Also in the original VIA driver it was done in that way.

I haven't proper hardware so I can't test this patch.
Please let me know, if it works.

I changed:
Index: via_accel.c
--- via_accel.c	(wersja 716)
+++ via_accel.c	(kopia robocza)

     VIAPtr pVia = VIAPTR(pScrn);

     switch (pVia->Chipset) {
-        case VIA_P4M890:
         case VIA_K8M890:
         case VIA_P4M900:
-        case VIA_VX800:
             VIASETREG(0x41c, 0x00100000);
             VIASETREG(0x420, 0x74301000);

Best Regards
Brtosz Kosiorek
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