[Openchrome-devel] DVI output for CX700 integrated TMDS

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Thu Jan 15 06:25:45 PST 2009

Adam Szmigin wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have built a multimedia machine with a Via EPIA EX motherboard and 
> have recently just realised that there is no support for using its DVI 
> output without resorting to the VBEModes hack.  This has motivated me 
> into looking at the driver code, and I'd like to help to write something 
> for the openchrome project so that the CX700's integrated TMDS and DVI 
> output can be used.
> Is anybody currently writing any code to do this?  I wouldn't want to 
> step on anyone's toes.
> (I recently saw a post by Frans-Willem Hardijzer to that effect:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/openchrome-users at openchrome.org/msg01238.html
> .. I spoke to Frans, and he's unable to spend any time to work on the 
> driver at the moment.)
Nobody is working on this at the moment. Tim Chen from VIA is willing to 
assist on this topic once the dual head/randr 1.2 infrastructure is 
finished, afaiu.

The registers description for the CX700 integrated TMDS encoder is 
available here :
The datasheet for the VT1632A TMDS encoder is available here :

The code from VIA can also be used as a reference.


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