[Openchrome-devel] New "openchrome" DRM driver segfault

Erik-Jan ej.lfs
Sun Jan 25 15:15:22 PST 2009


I tried the new openchrome DRM driver. When I insert the openchome.ko
module (by starting Xorg or doing it manually) it gives a lot of errors
and then segfaults.

Looking in the source, I found that in via_detect_vram, it tries to do a
switch/case on fn3->device. But on my hardware (CLE266, device=0x3122),
fn3 doesn't get initialized (I don't know if it even exists) so the
switch errors out.

So, I made a small patch that fixes this. Now I can start X.

It does sort of work: there are lots of errors in syslog:
kernel: [drm:drm_unlocked_ioctl] *ERROR* ret = 53 -85
and exiting X and returning to console leaves the screen all black. But
hey, it's experimental :))


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