[Openchrome-devel] VX855 & viaInitVideo()

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Sun Jul 12 06:04:11 PDT 2009

Daniel Drake wrote:
> On Sun, 2009-07-12 at 14:01 +0200, Xavier Bachelot wrote:
>> Xavier Bachelot wrote:
>>> Daniel Drake wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> The VX855 code posted to this list does not modify viaInitVideo().
>>>> This means that DMA blitting and Xv get disabled.
>>>> Is this intentional, or are these things not supported?
>>> This is an oversight. The attached patches enable them. I don't have the
>>> hardware so I can't test, but it should work.
>> Daniel,
>> Is this enough to enable DMA blit and Xv on the VX855 ?
> Unfortunately no, because VX855 is chrome9 and there is no DRM support
> for that yet.

Ah, yes, indeed. Xv should be fine though.

> However I'd say that we should apply the patch and see
> what happens when DRM support comes along :)
Actually, I'm holding off applying all the VX855 patches until someone
more knowledgeable than me look at the PLL genaration changes.

However, VX855 support is already in Fedora, so I'll apply this patch
there soon. Afaik, the only missing bit for the XO-1.5 is a panel patch
Chris talked to me about. Maybe you can remind him, or even send me the
patch directly.


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