[Openchrome-devel] VX855 support, take 2

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Thu Jul 16 15:30:14 PDT 2009

Xavier Bachelot wrote:
> Hi,
> Please find attached 2 patches adding VX855 support. This is based on
> work from Harald Welte, as well as Chris Ball and Mitch Bradley from the
> OLPC team.
> First patch (vx855_support.patch) adds the VX855 to the logic of the
> driver. I've checked this one already, it should be good to go.
> Second patch (pll_rework.patch) brings in working VX855 dot clock.
> That's the one that need to be reviewed more carefully. It reworks the
> UniChromePro clock setting such that the SetDotclock() functions get
> access to a full set of parameters for each clock value, rather than one
> value for the PLLs for <VX855 and one for VX855.
> FWIW,I've tested this on both a CLE266 (unichrome dotclock) and a VX800
> (unichrome pro dotclock), so I believe this doesn't introduce regressions.
I've committed the 2 patches (rev 756 and 757).

> Also, Chris will provide one more patch to add support for the XO-1.5
> panel soonish.
Here's the missing panel patch, extracted from a big OLPC patch also
including the 2 above patches.
With this patch included on top of trunk, the XO-1.5 should work out of
the box. This patch as not yet been committed.

Notably missing is VX855 Xv support and VX855 DMA blit support. DMA blit
patch is useless w/o Chrome9 DRM, but can be included. The Xv patch is
not enough and is reported not to work, it's only there as a
placeholder, waiting for the missing bits to be added.

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