[Openchrome-devel] Status of new openChrome stuff

Thomas Hellström thomas
Thu Jun 4 01:15:38 PDT 2009

Rafa? Mi?ecki wrote:
> Hi,
> Last time I tried to compile new openChrome stuff from all these magic
> branches it failed for me[1].
> Do you still work on that mesa/drm/libwsbm/ddx things? Or is your work
> abonded and won't be continued? Would be very bad. If you still work
> on this, do you plan to merge everything into mainline repos? Is there
> still something to do?
> [1] http://wiki.openchrome.org/pipermail/openchrome-devel/2009-May/000310.html
Hi Rafa?

Yes, the plan is to continue and get up to date at some point. There's 
just been too much "real" work lately.

There are some other drivers using TTM that will be pushed upstream 
In order to sync with them I need to make the openChrome user-space 
interface a bit more driver-specific and ditch some device-independent 
TTM code. That's what happening next.


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