[Openchrome-devel] Chrome9

Jon Nettleton jon.nettleton
Thu Jun 18 11:39:52 PDT 2009

> The last big change for VIA GPUs was creating new DRM "openchrome"
> module and openchrome Mesa driver. But this was done by Thomas, is he
> working for VIA actually? I couldn't find that information.

We appreciate your input here, but we would prefer more constructive
criticisms.  This isn't getting done fast enough, or this isn't fixing
my problem is just not of much use to anyone other than yourself.  In
the real world of business and partnerships a relationship is built over
time.  During the last year I have been very happy with the progress
that VIA has made working on getting information to us.  We intend to
use every bit of information we get.  Right now Xorg/DRI/Mesa are in a
very big turning point and openchrome is a very small project.  Wasting
our man hours on changing api's and technologies is just not an option
for us.  I think now that the future of drivers in both Xorg and the
kernel are becoming a bit clearer, we will start seeing more progress on
the Chrome9 front.


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