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Rafał Miłecki zajec5
Wed Jun 24 02:55:06 PDT 2009

T2009/6/18  <BruceChang at via.com.tw>:
> Please see the patch with the title of ?"Re: [Openchrome-devel] Integrated TMDS support" which submited on 3/4 and "[Openchrome-devel] vt1625 patch" which submitted on 5/27.

W dniu 18 czerwca 2009 20:39 u?ytkownik Jon Nettleton
<jon.nettleton at gmail.com> napisa?:
> *snip*
>> The last big change for VIA GPUs was creating new DRM "openchrome"
>> module and openchrome Mesa driver. But this was done by Thomas, is he
>> working for VIA actually? I couldn't find that information.
> We appreciate your input here, but we would prefer more constructive
> criticisms. ?This isn't getting done fast enough, or this isn't fixing
> my problem is just not of much use to anyone other than yourself. ?In
> the real world of business and partnerships a relationship is built over
> time. ?During the last year I have been very happy with the progress
> that VIA has made working on getting information to us. ?We intend to
> use every bit of information we get. ?Right now Xorg/DRI/Mesa are in a
> very big turning point and openchrome is a very small project. ?Wasting
> our man hours on changing api's and technologies is just not an option
> for us. ?I think now that the future of drivers in both Xorg and the
> kernel are becoming a bit clearer, we will start seeing more progress on
> the Chrome9 front.

OK, I am sorry for my poor criticisms. This was partly because I
didn't expect anyone interested in this. It's nice to know you watch
this list and opinions.

The main thing is we don't get any clear status info from VIA. You
were working on DRM for Chrome 9, but I'm not sure if anyone was aware
of that until you released it. I read openchrome-users,
openchrome-devel, Phoronix and Harald Welte's blog. Additionaly I just
checked VIA's official pressroom for 2009. In any of these places I
couldn't find any news about VIA work on GPUs drivers.

So from December (over half year now) we don't know what happens. Do
you work on openchrome DRM? Do you try to port Chrome 9 stuff to it?
Any 3D work? Improvements for new openchrome Mesa driver? New
Mesa/Gallium driver for Chrome 9?

We don't know what happens and in result many people (including me
until now) just think you abonded plans to create Linux drivers.

Last talk about new drivers between Thomas and Bruce is a good
example: http://wiki.openchrome.org/pipermail/openchrome-devel/2009-January/thread.html#167
Bruce asked a few questions but didn't post info about final decision
from VIA.

If you don't like idea of posting info about 3D/DRM work on DDX
driver's ML, maybe you should create some blog?

Or maybe you have already some driver capable of running stupid
glxgears? Why don't you post it in some branches on mesa/mesa,

Another example of poor communication is my mail posted on
openchrome-devel with ask for help on new Mesa driver:
I didn't get any answer for ~1.5 month.

> Right now Xorg/DRI/Mesa are in a
> very big turning point and openchrome is a very small project. ?Wasting
> our man hours on changing api's and technologies is just not an option
> for us.

Could you explain this, please? Does it mean you work on openChrome
(DDX driver) or not? I know there are some bugs:
http://www.openchrome.org/trac/ticket/261 which don't let release new
version of openChrome. Can you try to fix them?

Rafa? Mi?ecki

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