[Openchrome-devel] vt1625 patch

timc timc
Wed May 27 00:07:17 PDT 2009

Hi all,

           I spent some time to update the current TV register table of

I verified the following modes on EPIA-EX board. Please feel free to give me
some comments.


NTSC 720x480Under  YCbCr / RGB / Composte / S-Video

      720x480Fit          YCbCr / RGB / Composte / S-Video

      720x480Over       YCbCr / RGB / Composte / S-Video


PAL 720x576                  YCbCr / RGB / Composte / S-Video

    720x576Under        YCbCr / RGB / Composte / S-Video


480P 720x480Under     YCbCr / RGB

     720x480Fit             YCbCr / RGB

     720x576Over    YCbCr / RGB


720P 1280x720      YCbCr / RGB

1080I 1920x1080     YCbCr / RGB




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