[Openchrome-devel] GL_INVALID_VALUE in glTexParameter(param=0x812d)

Stephan Raue stephan.raue
Mon May 25 12:31:51 PDT 2009

i want to run Moovida Mediacenter (the new elisa Mediacenter from
fluendo) and i have errors like this in the logfile:

Mesa: User error: GL_INVALID_VALUE in glTexParameter(param=0x812d)

Moovida is a Python based Mediacenter that needs latest pigment and pigment-python to run. Pigment needs Mesa for GL. What is mean by this error? Where can be my Problem?

(Note: i use an embedded Distro self compiled from scratch, build with gcc-4.4, uClibc, libdrm-2.4.11, Mesa-7.5-rc2, xorg-server-,openchrome (latest trunk), and linux-2.6.30-rc7)


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