[Openchrome-devel] Future of the openchrome project

Bartosz gang65
Tue Sep 15 05:29:56 PDT 2009

I wonder if it possible split openchrome project to two separate projects:

1. Openchrome: Project to support old Via graphic chipsets (for example
CLE266, KM400/KN400/KM400A/P4M800, CN400/PM800/PN800/PM880, K8M800,
CN700/VM800/P4M800Pro). Source code will be taken from existing openchrome

2. Openchrome9: which support new Chrome9 graphic hardware: Support VIA
K8M890/P4M900/CX700M/VX700/CN700/CN896/VN896/VX800/VX855 Chipset. Code taken
from VIA (via-xserver-86a-50283_src), and developed by VIA and community.
All source code will be common for VIA and community.

With this solution, there were no duplicate code (for Chrome9), because
developer from VIA and community will works on the same code. The community
will be response to keep openchrome/openchrome9 code up to date.

The Openchrome9 code, will be added to standard Linux distribution, and the
catching/triaging bugs will be much easier.

The Man Power will be use effectively and all developers and testers will
work on the same code.
The main target of this idea, is to VIA company and community must work on
the same code.

What do You think about this idea?

Best Regards
Bartosz Kosiorek
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