[Openchrome-devel] Support for chrontel ch7301c dvi transmitter

Malte Grunwald mg_2504
Thu Sep 10 14:25:40 PDT 2009


I have a delock 32714 mainboard, which is a mini-itx mb with via C7 prozessor and CN896 chipset.
The mb has a chrontel ch7301c dvi transmitter (reading from the lable on the chip). 
I would like to connect my tv-set via dvi, so I would like to try helping to implement support for the ch7301c.

The openchrom driver (svn 781) 'recognises' the chip in via_ch7xxx.c as CH7011 tv-decoder since 
both chips have in register 0x4B the same id (0x17) - this I have from the chrontel doku. 
The chips could be distinguished by checking register 0x4A, but this would be for shure only a very first step.

Here I need some help:
Could someone please roughly describe what steps are necessary to implement a new dvi transmitter.
>From the source only it is difficult for me to figure this out. I tried to understand the driver a little. 
What surpriesed me is, that in via_bios.h there is no VIA_DEVICE_DVI? 
Would a dvi device run as DFP device? 
Is there some 'fundermental dvi' support in the driver? 
I guess I would not be able to implement something too deep.

Thank you a lot for your help,
best regards
Malte Grunwald

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