[Openchrome-devel] Testing kms_branch r941 on drm-openchrome kernel

James Simmons jsimmons
Thu Aug 25 10:50:09 PDT 2011

> > > Hi,
> > > 
> > > I tested the kms_branch xorg driver drm-openchrome kernel and to my
> > > big joy the X server started up!
> > 
> > ;-) Do you run with modeset turned on or off?
> With no params to modprobe, so with modeset off.
> I tried again with r942 and I tried both now. With modeset=1 the screen
> got black during boot til Xorg started up (as expected). I haven't
> tried the viafb yet.

drm-openchrome doesn't support the LVDS but it does the VGA port so when 
the machine boots it takes over the graphics settings which leaves the 
LVDS blank. Once the Xorg driver starts it sets up all the hardware correctly.
Without modesetting you end up with just vgacon and a working xorg driver.
> > > I would believe the "slowness" is related this pSrc is NULL as the
> > > slowness comes in "waves" or how to express it.
> > 
> > DRI is not functioning for newer hardware just yet. I plan to make
> > that change very soon.
> Nice! I really look forward. I noticed it is still slow so I disabled
> the compositor in xfce. 
> Xorg.0.log show info about DRI and glxinfo shows that dri is enabled.

That's right, using the the newer DRM driver will enable DRI. 
> glxgears shows ~69 FPS (Software Rasterizer)


> playing movies with mplayer works also pretty well.
> This looks good!

No major regressions :) Do you or anyone here has a system with a TV 
encoder? I plan to start move some more code over to the RandR api which 
will affect the TV handling code which I can't test on my end.

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