[Openchrome-devel] Project Status Dec 9 2011

James Simmons jsimmons
Fri Dec 9 10:15:01 PST 2011


	Been busy coding the last few weeks. Lots of work on the KMS 
branch moving over to the buffer manager. The buffer manager will allow 
the use of both the GEM api for the drm-openchrome DRM kernel branch and 
the older apis. Whats left is to move the AGP/PCIe memory allocation in 
our xorg driver to this buffer manager. Also several places left for the 
frame buffer to be cleaned up with the buffer manager. You can see that by 
a grep FBBase in the source tree. Also discovered the problem with the 
display resizing. Need to trace down why that locks up my box. Another 
than that the X org driver is moving along and is pretty usable.

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