[Openchrome-devel] Fix for bug introduced with changeset 1051

Thomas Schlichter thomas.schlichter
Fri Dec 9 18:34:11 PST 2011

Dear James,

I've been testing your latest openchrome changes (thanks again for your 
ongoing work!) and found a bug introduced with changeset 1051. The problem is 
that drm_bo_alloc() will not correctly allocate memory for the domains 
TTM_PL_VRAM and TTM_PL_TT when directRenderingType is != DRI_1.

There is also an older bug that makes drm_bo_alloc() return the pointer to a 
freed buffer_object in case viaOffScreenLinear() also was unsuccessful. Instead 
NULL should be returned.

A third, minor, problem is following format string:
 DEBUG(ErrorF("%u of DRI memory allocated at %llx\n", obj->size, obj->offset));

Both fields ("size" and "offset") are unsigned long values, so the format 
strings should be "%lu" and "%lx".

All these bugs/problems are fixed with the attached patch.

Kind regards,
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