[Openchrome-devel] Status of Dec 21 2011

James Simmons jsimmons
Wed Dec 21 12:01:08 PST 2011

Hello everyone.

	The last few weeks have been busy. Mostly creating a new buffer 
manager for the xorg driver so we can support both KMS and non-KMS via 
kernels. The basics of the buffer manager, allocation, mmap, etc are  
working for the UMS and DRI1 case. Last weekend I wrote up the GEM/TTM 
support for the buffer manager and it was working. Yep that's right it
was working. 
	Unfortuntely I updated the drm-openchrome tree which broke 
userland allocation due to ttm api changes. I'm working on those changes
and hope to have something working in the next few days. While debugging 
the tree I found the outstanding bug for the display offset issue I was 
have in the mode_set_base functions in via_display.c. So now the KMS 
kernel boot screen is now proper when I allocate memory for the VQ for the 
mpeg engine. Please be aware that the api for GEM/TTM kernel side and 
xorg side is not stable so if you plan to test the functionality you will 
need to keep updating both the kernel and kms_branch all the time. I will 
send out a email as soon as I have a working drm kernel.
	Some work for the EXA layer was done to moving it toward the 
CreatePixmap/DestoryPixmap api. Once the GEM allocator layer is working 
again I will look to EXA improvements but before that I like to implement 
using KMS for the RandR layer. My goal is have it as a christmas present 
:-) Will keep people posted on the progress.

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