[Openchrome-devel] VX900(Chrome9 HD) horizontal/blanking address bit

PatrickChen@via.com.tw PatrickChen
Wed Dec 21 22:47:20 PST 2011

Hi James, 

Thanks for your response.

Before HDMI/DP source code opened, the only choice is DVI monitor with
dual link. And we have one.
We are also preparing the open source to extend HDMI and DP support
through KMS. 
I suggest waiting for it. 


Patrick Chen
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VIA Technologies, Inc.

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> There are register upgrade in VX900 for high resolution display over 
> 2048. I show them as below:

Thank you for your help Patrick, we can use it. Do you have a monitor
supports 4K2K to test patches with ? If you do have a monitor at that
does it have a VGA port ? I will post a patch soon for our kernel tree. 

> CRTC 1:
> horizontal address bit 8 at CR_45[1].
> horizontal blanking start bit 8 at CR_45[2].
> CRTC 2:
> horizontal address bit 11 at CR_55[7].
> horizontal blanking start bit 11 at CR_6B[0] .
> horizontal sync start bit 11 at CR_5D[7].


    Anyone on this list with a monitor with a very high resolution.

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