[Openchrome-devel] Move from openchrome's SVN to freedesktop's git ?

James Simmons jsimmons
Wed Jan 5 06:58:04 PST 2011

> With James starting to hack on openchrome and asking about a git server,
> the idea to move openchrome code from our own svn server to
> Freedesktop's git server surfaced again. The major pro for me is it
> brings us closer to the standard everyone is expecting for X related
> work : same place and same tool.
> I guess everyone is more confortable with git now, so that shouldn't be
> a major issue and shouldn't change the workflow too much. If you're ok
> with the idea, I'm willing to do the work needed for that to happen (get
> in touch with Xorg people, have a repo setup and accounts created,
> migrate the code, update the wiki, etc...). I'm not sure yet about the
> details of the plan/schedule, the scope would be limited to the code
> repository for now, but we can indeed refine (and possibly extend to the
> mailing list, bug tracker and wiki later, if there is interest, but
> let's tackle this one step at a time).
> How would you feel about that ?

I'm all for it. Especially about the one step at a time. I need to also 
get a home for my kernel repo. 

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