[Openchrome-devel] Please test KMS branch

James Simmons jsimmons
Tue Jan 11 07:51:02 PST 2011


	I just finished the KMS/UMS reordering. Please test my branch to 
make sure their are no regressions. Currently no really KMS code has been 
added just yet. Minus any regressions this wraps up phase one. 


	The next step is to work on actual mode setting in the DRM kernel
driver. Once the mode setting is working then the xorg driver will be updated
with kms support. Once I have a account setup on freedesktop.org I will post
my git repo for the DRM kernel driver. By default the new kernel driver 
will NOT do mode setting by default. You will need to pass a parameter to 
turn it on. This will be done to prevent the DRM driver from breaking 
older xorg drivers. KMS and UMS don't play nicely together :-( I will soon
start posting at the below address on my progress. Sorry nothing their 



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