[Openchrome-devel] Re : Legacy mode switch for CLE266 and KM400

François Pradines francois_pradines
Tue Jan 25 15:02:22 PST 2011

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> De: Bartosz <gang65 at poczta.onet.pl>
> Objet: [Openchrome-devel] Legacy mode switch for CLE266 and KM400
> ?: openchrome-devel at openchrome.org
> Date: Lundi 24 janvier 2011, 12h39
> Hi.
> Currently the legacy mode switch is available only at
> CLE266 and KM400.
> I would like add support of the new mode switch but
> unfortunately I don't have such platforms.
> What will happen when we enable the legacy mode switch on
> these chipset?
> To enable new mode switch, just add Option
> "ModeSwitchMethod" "New" to the xorg.conf file.
> After enable the new mode switch on following chipsets, the
> legacyModeSwitch code could be removed.
> Thanks in advance
> Bartosz 

I juste added Option "ModeSwitchMethod" "New" in my xorg.conf on my EPIA M10000 (CLE266).
Xorg.0.log says :
[ 53754.635] (**) CHROME(0): Option "ModeSwitchMethod" "New"
[ 53754.635] (**) CHROME(0): Forced ModeSwitchMethod to "new".

I don't have any TV or LVDS connected, just a simple flat screen connected on vga.
Can I do something for you to check it's working ?



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